Scholastic Branches pt. 2

I’m back with more of those great early chapter books for emergent readers!

I do not own any of the Press Start books by Thomas Flintham yet. They look like they’re perfect for kids who struggle to put down their controllers and pick up a book. It looks like there are only two books so far.

Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe by Noah Z. Jones is a fun and colorful fractured fairytale series. There are four books and they fall in the high 2nd grade-low 3rd grade level.

Cyndi Marko’s Kung Pow Chicken is a great humorous series for 2nd and 3rd graders. The main character is named Gordon Blue…it’s perfect!

Sam Hay is the author of the Stella and the Night Sprites series. It’s a fairly new series with just two books so far. I’ve had 2nd and 3rd grade girls enjoying them.

The Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott are probably my second most sought after series from Branches. There are five books so far, and with their charming illustrations, I think there will be more. I have 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th grade girls loving these.

Far and away, the most popular Branches series I own is Troy Cummings’ The Notebook of Doom with both boys and girls. The funny books that only order on spooky appeal to 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. There are ten books so far and I have no doubt there will be more.

There you have it! I have linked all the series to their Scholastic pages in case you want to find out more. They are not the only early chapter books, but they are a great place to start, especially since they are in those monthly book orders.


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