The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors!

Before I start telling you this story, I’m going to have to switch into Barbarian-mode, because the battles in this book are truly epic!

I hope you’re wearing your BATTLE PANTS!

You’ve played the game. Now read the legend of the three great warriors who started it all . . .

This story is soooooo fun to read out loud! You get to use your epic announcer voice (I love doing voices!)

Our story begins with Rock from the Kingdom of Backyard. He’s looking for a worthy adversary but has no luck in his own kingdom, though his battles with clothespin and apricot are great.

Biggest laughs of the book right there.

We are then introduced to Paper of the faraway kingdom of Mom’s Home Office and Scissors from a tiny region known as Junk Drawer. They are also searching for equals to spar with. 

Finally, the three meet in the vast 2 Car Garage and battle! I think you know how each battle turns out.

The kids loved this! Daywalt had great success with his books The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home, but this book could surpass them. I can’t wait to read it again!


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