Jim Nasium is the perfect answer to kids who want to read about sports but find most of the books too hard. In this chapter book series by Marty McNight, and illustrated by Chris Jones, kids who are just getting started in chapters can enjoy Jim’s clumsy attempts to play different sports.

I just read Jom Nasium Is a Football Fumbler, and I can identify with being chosen lady and his struggle to be coordinated on the field. Jim doesn’t give up when he’s stuck on the bench, and in the end, he, with a friend’s help, figures out how to be a part of the team.

Incidentally, I know nothing about football, but the story was simple enough that I had no trouble following the game.

There is a boy on the team who bullies Jim and seems to think of himself as the greatest player of all time. I knew a few kids like that growing up and so I figure that type is still out there. 
I’m hoping the next generation (my daughters’) sees less of it, but there are egotists everywhere, and not just in sports. Thank goodness for wholesome books like this that show how unnecessary that attitude is.

The four books above came out in 2015, and two more were added to the collection in 2016. 

I’m hoping they continue to add more. A female counterpart would be nice, since girl-sports are so hard to get ahold of.

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