Finally! Summer break is here! It’s time to close up classrooms and mournfully think of our former students all summer long….yeah, right! Teachers love summer break as much as kids, so you’d better believe we celebrate when the last day comes.

This story is actually about the hijinks teachers get up to on regular school nights but I thought it was fitting for today. The book has dancing, food fights and a science experiment gone wrong, but we usually save that stuff for winter break.

Yes, we do finish up cleaning and organizing our classrooms, and we do think fondly of our former students, but we’re also planning ahead to how we’ll spend the time until next fall.

Our school always has a final get together. Today we honored staff who were moving away, retiring or leaving us to continue their education. We laugh and we cry, and we relax.

I have a temporary summer job at the public library, and I need to prepare to be the speaker at a what’s new in children’s literature class later this summer. 

I also have project ideas!!! I am going to make giant truffula trees (The Lorax) for my Seuss area, a 3D Taj Mahal puzzle to construct for my English as a Second Language shelf and I’m sure I’ll come up with more as summer goes on.

I’m pretty excited for the free time but guess what I’m most excited about?!? Sleeping in for a week before my summer job starts. Hope your summer is awesome!

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