I am reading every day in preparation for the class about what’s new in children’s literature that I’m teaching (?) in July. Today I read the first book in a new series about a third grade girl named Hazy Bloom. 

Girls in 2nd and 3rd grade are going to love Hazy. For real live. (Hazy says that. A lot.) one night Hazy sees something odd: a vision of flying peas….?

Yeah, I’d be confused too. But the next day there’s a food fight at lunch and it all starts with some flying peas. Hazy’ best friend realizes this is a superpower, and therefore must be kept secret. Except that the visions are starting to get Hazy in trouble and she can’t explain because it’s a secret.

Her week goes from bad to worse with the visions keeping her from helping her friend win a cupcake competition and having to bunk with her brother while her quirky aunt visits.

Hazy finally gets a handle on things and the visions help her save the day. She even starts to feel closer to her Aunt Jenna, who always seems to have just the right thing for Hazy when she needs it….like maybe Hazy isn’t the only one in the family with tomorrow power.

This story was a fun read with cute pictures and language that sound authentic to third grade girls. Like I said, this will be a popular series with them. I don’t know if book two is out yet, but I’m definitely going to watch for it!

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