This post isn’t just about one of the greatest kids books ever, Interrupting Chicken, it’s also about the author/illustrator, David Ezra Stein.

As I mentioned before, I love the book Interrupting Chicken.

Papa doesn’t mind reading to little chicken, if only she’d quit interrupting the stories! Little Chicken just can’t bear to see Red Riding Hood talk to the Big Bad Wolf… she has to interrupt and warn her, right? 

This is a fun one to read to kindergarten early in the year, then if any of them interrupt you later in the year, you call out “Interrupting Chicken!” as a way to remind them to wait their turn.

The genius doesn’t stop there!

Watch out for this baby dinosaur! It wants to kiss and not knowing how isn’t going to stop it!

And those are just the ones I’ve read. He has a large portfolio of work, is that what you call a writer/illustrator’s body of work?…

This one looks like it would be a kindergarten favorite.

If you haven’t discovered this great author/illustrator yet, treat you son or daughter, students, grandchildren and your own inner child to some silly and funny books.

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