The struggle is real…

It’s true. I know you’ve heard others say it, but it’s a real every day problem for me. I want every picture book by every author. I. Want. Them. All.

Sadly, I can’t have them all, but I can put them on my shopping list and borrow them from the library or online. This post is actually more of a wishlist for a specific author. I only have two of her books and there are so many!

Emily Gravett isn’t just an author, she’s an illustrator too, and she is fabulous! As I said, I own two of her picture books, I’ve told you about The Rabbit Problem.

I also have her book Wolves about a rabbit who gets a little too caught up in his reading.

I didn’t realize Gravett was the illustrator for The Imaginary that I know I either posted on here or on Instagram about.

I have read a few of her other books, but I don’t own them. I borrowed them from my friend DeeDee’s private stash.

Duck wants an egg of his own and when he finds one, the others laugh at him….but Duck gets the last laugh in this hilarious story.

While I’m not a dog owner, I do love dogs and this one has a fabulous ending that I didn’t expect.

These two are cute too, but I just got quite a kick out of The Odd Egg and Dogs.

I don’t own the following books, but I want them!!!

So, I’m thinking of trying to buy most of her stuff, as well as David Ezra Stein’s books. My concern with Gravett is that she is a British author and I’m worried I may not be able to get all her books in America. 

The struggle is real, and don’t ever forget it.


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