I found a wonderful storybook collection about a classic character I’m not familiar with.

The reason I had not heard of the Milky-Molly-Mandy stories Is that they are from the U.K. I looked them up online and discovered that the stories are about a little girl in the late 1920s in southern England. Her full name, Millicent Margaret Amanda, is long so she goes by the shortened version.

The series was created by Joyce Lankester Brisley but this collection is illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. In the Foreword, Vulliamy tells us how she enjoyed Milly-Molly-Mandy as a girl and now shares them with her own children. She tried to stay true to the original Brisley style but with color added.

This is one of the Brisley illustrations.

And this is Vulliamy’s interpretation of Milly-Molly-Mandy.

I think she did a great job and stayed true to the original feel of the book. I have a couple of friends who grew up in England. I think it might make their day to see this book.

When I originally saw the book I thought the stories might be similar to the Dick and Jane books. These are not for early readers though. They are short stories that are just the right length to be bedtime stories. They are very cute, she says Farver instead of Father and Muvver instead of Mother, and her friend is literally called Little-friend-Susan.

There are other Mills-Molly-Mandy books available, I might have to add them to my wishlist!

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