I’m a total nerd. And not just for books! I love science and math and history too. So I find it pretty exciting that my girls love that kind of stuff. So why not find fun ways to expand their horizons?

This weekend at Target, we found the cutest game, it had decks in biology, chemistry and minerals and elements. The cards can be paired with books by Basher Science. I’ve seen them in Scholastic book orders and they look fun, giving each element or cell or chemical a cartoon persona. 

The card game is relatively simple. The cards are numbered 1-8 and each person takes one from each number and shuffles their hand. The game is then played kind of like war (you’ve all played it) where the larger card laid down wins, except that each card has a special ability. It might affect the round it’s played in or it might affect other cards later on.

The cards also have facts about whatever they represent and the decks can be mixed. This is a fun game, although the 10 year old kept beating me. And there’s another fun side to the game. You can buy bonus packs with more cards and the little characters in plastic figures (take a hike Shopkins!)

I’m hoping that Basher comes out with more decks to match their huge variety of books. Go check them out at their site by clicking here.

So yeah, it was more about the game than the books, but I think the game will open the doors to the books with reluctant readers.

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