Bob Shea is one on my newest favorite author/illustrators. Besides illustrating numerous books written by other great authors like Jody John and Kelly DiPucchio, he writes his own hilarious books.

I brought this book up in my unicorn post a few weeks ago. It was my first Bob Shea book. I adore this book. But, since you know that already, let’s move on!

Cheetah thinks a whole lot of himself and the kittens know it. But the kittens aren’t innocent. They try more than a few sneaky tricks on Cheetah. They remind me of that super-wonderful, old Little Golden Book The Color Kittens.

Bob Shea has a son who inspired a series of books about a fierce dinosaur. These books are simple and fun.

Another great series is Ballet Cat. They are nice for early readers. They seem very pink and girlie, but boys are going to giggle at them too. There are three or more in this series, I just haven’t found all the covers.

He has plenty of books that aren’t series that are well worth reading. I haven’t read them all, but I’m working on it!

What would daddies do without help from their little ones? A perfect Father’s Day story.

This one is definitely getting purchased for my library this year!

I think, since it says Buddy and the Bunnies on the top, that this may be the start of another great series. Buddy is a fierce monster but who can blame him for wanting to eat the cupcakes the bunnies make before he eats them? And if he agrees to play hide-and-seek with them while the cupcakes bake, that’s no big deal, right? Buddy’s plan to eat those cute little bunnies just seems to keep derailing. Those bunnies are kinda smart!

I know I didn’t get all of Shea’s books. He even has some who were illustrated by other great illustrators like Lane Smith. I think Shea is going to become as popular as Mo Willems. Their illustrations are actually quite similar and I think kids will see that and have no problems enjoying both authors.

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