Leo Lionni did not study to be an artist or writer, but after creating a story to amuse his grandchildren in 1958, he found his true calling. That first story was little blue and little yellow.

Most of us have read at least one of his books. I doubt I could show his full body of work in one blog entry, but here are some I’m familiar with.

An Extraordinary Egg may be my favorite to read aloud. The kids get so frustrated with me when I agree with the frogs and insist that a chicken hatched from that egg.

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse and Frederick are favorites with my girls. I also like Cornelius. Today I read one that I’d never seen before:

Pencil and Scissors decide to make rabbits and each has their own style. The rabbits get hungry and discover what makes a character “real”. Very cute and simple, as many of the best books are.

I hope I helped jog your memory of a great book by this author. He isn’t too far forgotten though, he was recently the Kohl’s Cares author (my daughters got Frederick and one of the frogs.) He also has numerous board books for little hands and there are others like me who still read his stories to children on a regular basis.

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