The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Kelly Barnhill won the Newberry Medal for her amazing story, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. It’s not like anything I’ve ever read before.

There once was a village nestled between the never-ending bog and the most dangerous of forests. The village, called the Protectorate lived in fear of the witch in the woods who demanded that the villagers sacrifice their youngest child each year. What did the witch do with those babies? It’s probably better not to think about it.

There once was a witch who lived in a dangerous forest with her simply enormous (pocket-sized) dragon and four-armed bog   monster. Once a year the witch rescued a baby abandoned in the woods by the people of the Protectorate. What did the witch do with those babies? She traveled through the dangerous forest, feeding them starlight. She then took them to new villages where she found loving families for them.

There once was a little baby girl whom the witch accidentally fed moonlight. It enmagicked her and set events into motion that were 500 years in the making.

I really want you to read this book for yourself. It makes us think about what we accept in our lives without question, and it forces us to reconsider who we think of as the villains. As I said before, it is very different than anything I’ve ever read before. Time has a way of warping our memories and it’s even worse when the villain changes the story of what really happened. 

Fans of fantasy will love Luna, Xan, Fyrian, Glerk and Antain, I know I did! I would like to read more of Barnhill’s books, especially The Witch’s Boy.


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