Claude and Sir Bobblysock

My librarian friend has asked me to help her out reading books that are on the nominee list for the Prairie Pasque and Prairie Bud Awards. I grabbed a couple to try out.

I really liked Claude In the Country. Claude is a very dapper dog who lives with Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes and enjoys daily adventures with his best friend, Mr. Bobblysock (he’s literally a sock.) I think Claude may be from England, there is just something European about the book.

This fun adventure on the farm with Mrs. Cowpat was a very fun story. It’s perfect for an emergent reader who enjoys cute illustrations.

There were some moments in the book that I thought may have been jokes for the parents, but overall, it is a series I’d buy for the school.

I believe there is also a new book in the set where Claude goes to sea. I think I’ll discuss this set in the What’s New In Children’s Lit class in teaching as well. 


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