June Sparrow and the Million Dollar Penny

While looking for brand new fiction on our library’s eBook site, I came across a cover with a cute illustration of a girl and her pet pig.

Intrigued, I looked at the description and it compared the book to Because of Winn Dixie and Three Times Lucky, two of my all time favorite middle-grade books. And really, who can resist a pig in a top hat and cape??

June is an orphan, but luckily she was left her parents’ entire fortune and lives an amazing, if solitary, life in New York City with her miniature pig named Indigo Bunting.

Life is turned on it’s ear on June’s 12th birthday. Her fortune has been lost by the executor of her parents’ estate and she must move to South Dakota to live with an aunt she’s never even met!

I could not pass up an opportunity to read a book that takes place in South Dakota. Red Bank, the town June lives in, is fictional. The only place Google came up with when I searched for it is a campground in the Black Hills called Redbank Campground. The town in the story is close to Sioux Falls and the Black Hills are on the opposite side of the state.

June is sure she belongs in New York and after finding her mom’s penny book, she’s positive she can make it happen. 

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’m enjoying it enough that I’m hoping for a series about June. In fact, I kind of hope she finds the million dollar penny and instead of moving back to New York, uses it to help Red Bank and her aunt. We’ll just have to see…


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