Yard Sale

Normally, I like to visit yard sales this time of year and find great deals. I have even in the past held them in my own yard, but never have I thought about why families may need to have a sale.

The little girl in this story is sad to see her family selling so many things from their home. Her parents have explained that these things won’t fit in their new apartment. 

She explains to a friend that moving has to do with money but she doesn’t really understand it. The little girl’s rough day comes to a head when she is asked, jokingly, if she is also for sale. After her parents make sure she understands that they would never ever get rid of her, the girl realizes that the only important things they need in the new apartment is themselves.

This story made me think of the middle grade novel, Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate.

Crenshaw is about a family who is struggling financially because of health issues and unemployment. The children watch as their belongings are sold but are largely kept in the dark about the overall situation.

This story is sad and thought provoking. I’ve discussed it before on Instagram. Next time I go to a yard sale and consider haggling for a lower price, I might not, that family might really need the money more than me.


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