Young Authors

It is not often that I get to say I know an author (I know very, very few) and it’s even less often that they have been to my home. But when the author is the same age as my older daughter and lives right next door, well then, that author becomes pretty special to me.

A Dilly Dally Day is a sweet little book written by Jamie Robbins when she was in 5th grade. She told me about it, but I had yet to get my hands on a copy. Today I was digging through donations to find something to blog about when I came across it.

When I looked up the cover art online I noticed the author’s name. I was shocked to see my sweet little neighbor on the author page.

The story is about two friends who want to visit the library but just can’t seem to stay on track. First ice cream distracts them, then a play and finally stopping to smell the flowers causes them to get to the library after it closes.

The friends promise not to dilly dally the next day and find a pleasant surprise (or two or three) waiting for them at the library. As I said, Jamie is a young author, so she doesn’t have other titles yet, but I’m keeping an eye out for more. Have a dilly dally day!


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