American Girls BeForever

Today is a big day for me. I took the lead on today’s program, a Meet the American Girls Party, since my librarian is super busy with everything else that we’ve got going on.

The American Girl company has the girl of the year series, the custom dolls and the historical or BeForever dolls. I say dolls, but the girl of the year and the historical girls all have books. 

The historical girls are Kaya-1764, Felicity-1774, Caroline-1812, Josefina-1824, Kirsten-1854, Addy-1864, Samantha-1904, Rebecca-1914, Kit-1934, Molly-1944, Maryellen-1954, Melody-1964 and Julie-1774.  The library own the dolls Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Addy, Rebecca and Kit, so they are my focus.

For the party today, we wanted something to represent each girl’s time in history. For Kaya, a Nez Perce girl in pre-colonial times, we are making doll-sized parfleche pouches.

For Felicity, a girl in colonial New England, we are serving apple juice, even though she would have had apple cider.

For Josefina, a Spanish girl from the Spanish settlements in the South West, I asked a friend for two branches and created a rustic weaving loom.

For Addy, a runaway slave during the Civil War, we are serving gingersnaps like she would have baked.

For Rebecca, a girl from a Jewish family at the start of World War I, due we found old fashioned games like tiddlywinks, pick up sticks, jacks and marbles.

For Kit, a girl facing hard times during the Great Depression, we found cute paper dolls for the girls to try out.

I made a timeline with all of the historical girls so that the kids could see how they fall in our history.  I also made an autograph book for each girl so that our party guests could write them a note.

The final bit of fun is the photo booth. I wanted the visiting girls today to see that they are part of history just like the characters, so they get to become an American Girl doll.

My friend and former student even loaned us her beautifully bound collection of American Girl books. My daughter loved the Addy books. I recommend the Kirsten books a lot since she is a pioneer girl (a logical step after kids finish Little House On the Prairie), and the other librarians here have told me that they enjoyed Kit, Felicity and Molly. The American Girl company had reissued the historical girls’ books, and I have added all of them to my collection. I wish I had known about these books when I was 10 years old. I love history and would have read the whole set.


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