Today’s family movie at the library (I make free popcorn…) wasLego Batman and it made me think about family stories. The movie shows that nontraditional families are still strong, and so I wanted to share a couple of stories about nontraditional families by Kelly DiPucchio.

Gaston is about a French bulldog who was switched at birth with a French poodle. It’s very obvious that he’s the odd man out and doesn’t really fit in.

The one day, Gaston’s family meets Antoinette’s family. It’s obvious that Gaston and Antoinette were meant with each other’s families so they make the switch. The dog families quickly realize that appearance and even DNA are not what makes a true family. The best part is that now, all the puppies can be friends.

Antoinette picks up where Gaston left off. Antoinette is part of a family where everyone has a special talent. But Antoinette is still looking for her talent. 

One day in the park Antoinette & Gaston’s families are playing together when one of Gaston’s sister goes missing. Speed, strength and bravery aren’t enough to find her. Antoinette discovers that she has a nose for tracking and saves the day. There is a sweet ending that I’m not going to share.

You’ll just have to go check it out to find out what it is.


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