The Candymakers

The summer before I started at the school library I listened to a book on audio called The Candymakers. It’s by Wendy Mass.

I will admit to being fuzzy on the exact details, but I remember the premise.

Logan is the Candymaker’s son. That means his dad won a competition at age twelve to create a new kind of candy–the best of the year. I’m fact, his grandfather won as well, so there’s no pressure or anything for Logan to win.

He is competing against three strange kids, you can see their descriptions in the picture above. Each kid has a crazy weird story that brought them to this point but the weirdest part is how the stories all intertwine. Who will create the best candy of the year?

This book is thick but it was a hit with 5th and 6th grade students, so I was excited to see Wendy Mass had written a sequel:

I have just started this book, and I’m not reading it, I’m listening to it. Normally, I only use audio books when I’m driving with my girls to Nebraska (a trip that got cancelled this summer.) I started crocheting this summer, I learned with the tween girls in crochet club. I’m ‘hooked’ on it, but I’m feeling guilt over not reading my books for the What’s New In Children’s Literature class I’m teaching in two weeks. 

Today, it struck me that I could listen to books while I crochet (big duh there). It’s a new 2017 book too, so I can use it for my presentation. I’m killing two–maybe three–birds with one stone, awesome!
This new story involves a 50 year old mystery that goes back to Logan’s grandfather, the first of the Candymakers. I’m on chapter 6 and Miles and Philip are at the factory for the unveiling of the candy that won the competition in the first book. Daisy hasn’t entered the storyline yet, but I don’t think the boys will be able to solve the mystery without her.

P.S. This book makes me hungry for candy!!


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