The tricky thing about hats.

I know, you’re thinking that hats are pretty basic, but they’re not if you’re an animal from the world of author/illustrator Jon Klassen.

​For example, this big bear has lost his hat and can’t seem to find it. He asks everyone he can find and no one seems to know anything about the hat. Until…

Bear isn’t overly bright, he believes that rabbit hasn’t seen the hat and walks away before realizing the error he’s made. Rabbit doesn’t seem to feel to bad about it either.

Sometimes you happen upon a treasure like this smart little bowler hat, and even though it’s not yours….well, why not try to get away with it?

Unfortunately for the little fish, the animals aren’t afraid to point out who took the hat. I’d give it back to the big guy too.

And what happens when two friends find one hat?

Hopefully, they figure out how to share. Or at least take turns.

Klassen has a very unassuming humor that kids love. I also enjoy books that he has illustrated for other authors:

You’ll need to really look at these pictures. Somehow he hides little details in his simple drawings that kids will love.


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