Not a box! Author Spotlight: Antoinette Portis

Right now the story room is full of boxes. The kids have been helping Build a Better World by creating their own community through recycling. The older kids are using boxes to make all the different buildings our community needs and the younger kids have been turning toilet paper tubes into trees and cars. I think it will be fabulous when it goes on display at the end of the week.

To go along with our theme, our last weekly letter is 'R' for recycle. One of the books I chose to read to the kids is just perfect.

Not a Box is by Antoinette Portis. It's a very simple book that inspired kids' imaginations.

Portis has some other great titles:

I loved Best Frints in the Whole Universe! The story has a lot of great nonsense words and would be hilarious to read aloud.
I wasn't able to find all of her books on the shelf though. I'd also love to read:

I hope you get a chance to try out this fun author with a little one sometime soon!


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