Peter Brown (cont.)

I was so excited the other day to find one of the Peter Brown books that I've been wanting to read.

The Curious Garden is a beautiful story about a boy who lives in a drab town where nothing grows. But one day he finds some plants and decides to nurture them and see what happens.

The plants grow and grow and spread throughout the city. The boy becomes very wise with all things gardening and ends up teaching many of his neighbors. Eventually, the whole city becomes one lovely garden.

It was such a delightful book, I think I could read it over countless times.

Brown is usually better known for his sillier books. I've read Chowder and The Fabulous Dancing Chowder but they don't stick out in my mind.

I have read a funny book about flightless birds finally getting a chance to get off the ground.

The birds take especial joy in pooping while up in the air.

I am currently reading Brown's first chapter book for middle grades.

Can a robot survive in the wild? It is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. The robot has the ability to observe and learn so that will make for a very interesting story. I know there is a second book coming as well.


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