Author Spotlight: Adam Lehrhaupt

Adam Lehrhaupt is an author I've just discovered. His stories are really fun and I know you'll get a kick out of them.

I am going to speak about the book I Don't Draw, I Color at the children's lit class next week. It's about a budding artist who isn't interested in drawing things. Instead she creates broad sweeping swaths of color to convey feelings. It's not the conventional coloring we expect of children but I think it's the beginning of an amazing artist. Kudos to Lehrhaupt for allowing his chars to color outside of the lines, as it were.

Chicken In Space is about Zoey, a chicken with big plans. She's decided to go to outer space and take Sam the pig with her. When Clara the cow points out that they can't go without a ship, Zoey says

Not a problem! An opportunity!

Sam is scared but goes along for the adventure. They see an asteroid (baseball), a comet (kite) and alien attack ships (birds). The adventure turns out to be pretty great but before Adam can tell Zoey she's already planning the next adventure.

There is a second book about Zoey the chicken. I haven't gotten my hands on it though.

Now I just want to open it!

Do I trust this one?

That seems ominous.

He has a few others that look fun too:

So, I'm going to keep hunting for his books. I want to read them all! I hope you find a few to enjoy!


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