TipTop Cat

Our family recently lost a beloved pet, but we were blessed with a new kitty shortly after. Our new kitty is actually a year old and was living at the pet store because his first owner could not keep him. Cats that have left the kitten phase of life are so much harder to re-home, through no fault of their own. Domino is a black and white, or tuxedo cat.

He is not our first tuxedo, that was Oreo, who actually resembles the cat in today's book more than Domino.

TipTop Cat is about a very adventurous Parisian feline who enjoys a view of the whole city from the rooftops. Unfortunately, one day his gusto gets him into a lot of trouble, as he falls from his balcony. Thankfully, he is unhurt but he has lost his zeal for adventure. He is afraid of heights. Until one day:

The beautiful cat was too busy hunting to remember his fear, and before he knew it, he was back

…on top of the world!

I loved this story, and not just because I'm one cat short of being a crazy-cat-lady. This book has a deep story about how our fears are truly in our heads. I can think of many childhood fears that only exist when kids take the time to think about them. Any parent could use a helping hand in getting their child over this type of problem, so why not a saucy cat with a fear of his own? And, since the book isn't cartoonish, it could help older kids who might otherwise dismiss a very obvious attempt to help them.

So in conclusion, adopt an older cat (or dog) if you can, and know that there is help for every fear.


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