Beatrix Potter Thrift Store Score!

Today's book is a thrift store Score that I got for $2!! It's in great shape, though I need to clean up the hard cover a bit.

Most Americans and Britains know who Peter Rabbit is. Beatrix Potter was a talented artist who created many fanciful characters, Peter among them.

Her works cover a lot more characters than just the Rabbit family, though they are precociously cute.

Potter began writing down her stories after creating the character of Peter Rabbit in letters to a sick child. Her works grew from there and became iconic.

There is a teacher at my school who reads Potter to her class each year, and then of course the kids mob me for the books. They always want Peter Rabbit, but I'm hoping she will read more of the other animals from this collection to whet their appetites.

I'm not sure, but I think this little mouse mommy is the character Mrs. Tittlemouse. Her name is adorable and so is her portrait!

Look at that baby!!!


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