Some cat!

I was shelving today and I found a story that really made me smile.

I'm a sucker for cat books, so I had to read it.

The cat in this book lives in a shelter. She should be looking for a new family, but she's a bit too grisly for anyone to adopt. They usually take sweet little kittens.

Until one day she isn't able to scare a couple off and they decide to bring her home. Perfect!

Except for the dogs! The cat must constantly growl, hiss and spit to keep them away. Will she work out in this new home? One day she is caught off guard by some stray dogs and is terrorized by them until her two doggy-brothers come to the rescue.

It turns out to be a perfect home after all!

I really enjoyed this book by Mary Casanova. I was unable to find a copy of her book about George the dog:

but I imagine it's just as good. I'm glad to see stories where older animals get adopted. The transition may be harder but they are worth it in the end.


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