Vintage Books: Petunia

I spent the morning working on new books to add before school starts. When I say new, I mean new to my library. They are all secondhand books but most are in fabulous condition.

Yeah, all of those stacked up need processing! Some of the books were left by a teacher who retired. I found some real treasures in those, and today's book came from her collection:

Petunia is a Weekly Reader book and the original copyright is 1977, so it's full of awesome vintage illustrations.

This is the endpapers.

Petunia is a silly goose. One day she finds a book in the meadow and remembers that people who own and love books are wise. She tucks the book under her wing and becomes "wise" almost instantly. Unfortunately, she is still very silly and gives awful advice to the other animals. After a terrible firecracker/candy mix up, Petunia realizes

It was not enough to carry wisdom under my wing. I must put it in my mind and in my heart. And to do that I must learn to read.

Petunia must have been quite popular back in the 70s and 80s, here are some more books about her:

The author, Roger Duvoisin, had more books, there were even some crossover characters like Veronica the hippo.

If you are out thrifting, or perusing the flea market, see if you can find any of these gems. I think you'll enjoy them!


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