The cutest books ever!

Amy Krause Rosenthal has written the cutest books ever!

These are undoubtedly some of the cutest, funniest books I've ever read.

Little Pea is a wonderful little guy but he hates having to eat his dinner before dessert. He just wants his spinach first and why must he eat that yucky candy?!?

Little Hoot is a sweet youngster who is so upset with his parents. They make him stay up all night! His friends all go to bed, why can't he?

Little Oink tries to behave but he likes his room clean, why do his parents insist on it being a mess?

As you have guessed, these stories are designed to flip what kids usually complain about, perhaps to give them some new perspective.

The illustrations are minimal but ultra cute!

So, to add some humor to an argument you've probably had a hundred times before, try one of these books. My own tween daughter could learn a lesson from Little Oink.

When I grow up I'm gonna let my kids go to bed as early as they want!


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