Wiener Dogs!

My family does like dogs, we just like them at other people's houses. I actually grew up always having a dog or two in the house. I think one of my favorite kinds of dogs is dachshunds or wiener dogs. As with any dog, when properly socialized, they can be wonderfully friendly and sweet. Today I thought I'd share some great stories about wiener dogs.

Noodle is an old book that I snagged from my retired teacher friend. Noodle is given the chance to make a wish one day and spends the book considering which size and shape would be best. The zebra thinks his size and shape are best for pulling a wagon, the hippo thinks her size and shape are best for sinking to the bottom of a pool, and the giraffe thinks his size and shape are best for getting leaves. Noodle realizes that he is already the best size and shape for the things he likes to do, so he doesn't make the wish after all.

Dunkel Takes a Walk is about a wiener dog who decides to explore the woods by his home. He must outwit a lion, an elephant and a wolf. He finds his way home thanks to an army of mice.

Wiener Wolf is about a dog who has grown bored with his life. He runs away and joins a wolf pack. The wolves accept him and his feels so free in the wild. He loves his new life until he sees the pack bring down a deer. He realizes that he is only a little wiener dog and heads home to his loving owner.

I love all of these books. Kids can never get enough good dog stories. I wanted to also mention a few other wiener dog stories:

Dav Pilkey's The Hallo-Wiener is a Halloween classic for third grade at my school.

I could not find a copy of Pretzel by H. A. Rey to share with you. It's been a long time since I read it and I don't remember the story. I feel confident recommending it because of the author, I love all of Rey's books, not just Curious George.


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