Admit it. They are kind of uber-cute. I have always thought that skunks were beautiful animals, and so good at defending themselves! So in honor of skunks:

David T. Greenberg has a wonderful poetic book called Skunks! that tells us everything we need to know about skunks. He says (among other uses) that skunk spray can be used in your little sister's pajama drawer, as big spray as as a gasoline alternative. My favorite use was as a salad dressing instead of vinaigrette.

The skunks themselves were also quite useful, as underwear, slippers and a pile of them make a great bed.

Sing songs to the stink of a skunk

Ring gongs to the stink of a skunk

Ding dongs to the stink of a skunk

The glorious stink of a skunk

I have even heard of people making them pets. It's not legal in the U.S., but it is in the U.K., though the U.K. Has laws against removing the scent glands. Personally, I think they are best enjoyed from afar. They not only have their famous scents, they can carry rabies without having the symptoms.

So read this book and think of all the great skunks you know (Flower and Pepe?).


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