Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Honestly, I think I’d be lost without Epic! eBooks. I have been able to build my lesson plans far beyond just stories with them, and blessedly, it’s free for educators. Today’s book comes from Epic! But I’d buy it in hard copy in a heartbeat.

Madeline Finn doesn’t like to read. She is similar to many early readers in that respect. She really dislikes reading aloud. That is true of many readers, not just kids. Madeline stumbles over words and can hear giggles when it happens. She doesn’t want a ‘Keep Trying’ sticker, she wants s gold star. One day though, Madeline meets someone who won’t giggle and doesn’t try to be overly encouraging. The library dog just listens.

Suddenly, Madeline has a reason to look forward to reading. She does have to work with another dog at one point, but the reason for her new friend’s absence is worth it.

I really liked the message in this book. I know a lot of kids who dread reading aloud and more than a few adults. I do readers’ theater with my students sometimes but the worst possible thing is being corrected by another student. It’s a legitimate reason to be embarrassed.

I have not figured out yet how to bring dogs into my library for a program like this, but I’d love Love LOVE to see it happen. And if I do find a way, I found a great recipe to make treats!


2 thoughts on “Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

    • I’ve been using their learning videos a lot. There is a great set of phonics videos that are a minute or two long and we play them during checkout. There are also audio books and read to me books for all elementary levels. It’s a great resource.


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