“How to” for kids

It’s that time of year when kids start plotting and planning how they’ll catch Santa Clause. Well, the good news is, I have a book that will teach them how to do it!

Jean Reagan is the author behind this fun how-to series. She not only gives kids ideas of how to catch Santa, but what to do with him after you’ve got him.

I am very excited because I finally got the whole set of how-to books.

I suggest reading How To Get Your Teacher Ready the first few days of the school year. How To Babysit a Grandpa and How To Babysit a Grandma are perfect for Grandparents Day. I will be reading How To Raise a Mom for Mothers Day and maybe I’ll do How To Surprise a Dad at the same time, since we aren’t in school for Fathers Day. That book is nice because it says there are many reasons to surprise a Dad, so not just on his holiday.

I wonder if Reagan will add to the series? A baby type book? Or maybe pets?


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