Gwyneth Mamlok wishlist

I’ve recently discovered a fellow WordPress blogger who enjoys vintage books. The Taft Hotel features some great books that I’ve never seen before. A colorful series from the 60s that caught my eye is the Candy books.

The final Candy book is called Candy and the Rocking Horse but I could not find the English cover.

The colors alone are enough to have me drooling over these books. Over at The Taft Hotel, Susannah Straughan tells us that she grew up with these books in Great Britain, but the author is very obscure today. She could not find a biographical blurb in 2013 and I can’t find one in 2017. Mamlok did quite a few books and eventually went into greeting cards. Her art is prolific and can easily be found on a Google search. I just wish I could find those books! Internet Archive does not have any of her books and I can’t buy them on Thrift Books. I wonder if eBay, Etsy or would have them. If you find a copy, let me know!

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