Dewey the Cat

You may have heard of an orange kitten that was dropped in a library drop box in Iowa one very cold night. He was adopted by the librarians at the library and was christened Dewey Readmore Books.

I had never gotten around to reading the book that one of those librarians, Vicki Myron wrote about Dewey. I don’t know why, I certainly don’t have an aversion to cats. But today I read the picture books about Dewey, There’s a Cat in the Library.

Dewey’s library life started off in an odd way, but he quickly settled in at the library and made himself at home.

He didn’t mind the patrons but sometimes the kids needed to be shown how to handle him.

Dewey decides, after consulting his toy mouse, that it is his duty to help the patrons. Everyone seems to love him and smile when he comes around, except for one girl who just doesn’t seem happy.

Dewey works his kitty-cat magic and brings a smile to her face. It seems he can help anyone at the library.

In Dewey’s Christmas at the Library, Dewey is experiencing is first Christmas. Like every cat I’ve ever known, he manages to find a toy in every new Christmas decoration.

His favorites are the tree and a ball of red yarn. During the night he “decorates” the tree with the yarn and is disappointed when Vicki takes the tree away.

He decided Christmas is awfully boring, until they bring his tree back. This time it has a bright and shiny new first place prize on it!


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