The Christmas Cat

Is it really a surprise to see that I’ve chosen a cat related Christmas book for today? I don’t think so. The Christmas Cat by Efner Tudor Holmes is a story about an abandoned cat who finds a bit of Christmas magic.

The little cat is traveling through a cold and snowy forest looking for a new home. He knows he isn’t safe but he keeps hoping he will find a new home.

At the same time, two brothers are preparing for Christmas in their warm and cozy home. They are thankful for their home and that their animals are safe and warm in the barn. One of the boys even says he’d let wild animals in to keep them warm too.

The little cat awakens in the forest and is drawn with the other animals to a mysterious stranger. The bearded man brings them food and greetings before noticing the cat.

He sees that the little cat doesn’t belong in the forest so he picks him up and takes him to a home where he will be welcomed.

This story touched my heart, I hate to think of animals abandoned or neglected during the winter. Last year a homeless kitten hitched a ride home in my husband’s truck engine compartment. Once we finally caught him, he was adopted by a friend and went from a scared, malnourished feral cat, to a sweet, plump house cat. He wasn’t brought to us by a familiar bearded stranger, but I think someone somewhere knew we would find Hemi a home. (He was in the Dodge truck’s hemi engine.)


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