The Night After Christmas

Today I’ve got a bittersweet story about the night after Christmas.

It’s by James Stevenson, and he is also the illustrator. Teddy and Annie find themselves thrown out with the garbage after their owners get fancy new toys for Christmas.

They meet a very nice dog named Chauncey who offers them a place to stay.

Chauncey’s home isn’t fancy but it’s warm. Teddy and Annie try very hard to get used to it, but it’s a struggle. Teddy is sure that they can remake themselves into desirable toys, but Annie remains unconvinced.

One day Chauncey leaves and when he returns, says he has a special place for them.

He leaves them as a flood of children come out of the school, and when the crowd finally clears, Annie and Teddy are gone.

The story has a wonderful ending, but I’m sad kids would throw out their toys. Many times over the years I’ve wished I still had my My Little Ponies, my Strawberry Shortcake baby doll or other bits and pieces of my childhood. It’s nice to think that those toys may have found new homes just like Teddy and Annie.


2 thoughts on “The Night After Christmas

  1. It’s a very bittersweet story. I’d like to think the little girl carrying Annie also adopted both Teddy and Chauncy….in the UK back in late 1990s this was adapted into a 25min cartoon…they also made 2 series of Annie and Teddys adventures which were just as bittersweet…I’d forgotten the cartoon but came across it all on YouTube and memories of being moved to tears flooded back when I first saw it broadcast on the 26th of December 1995…its on youtube and I still felt weepy watching a bit of it…I’m a 40 year old man now but have always had a soft spot for soft toys…and I always will. I could never throw out my “companions”. I believe Teddies of all kinds are magical wonderful beings full of love and compassion…it makes me sad when people grow up, forget them or throw them out or give them to charity shops…a few months ago I saved a large Winnie The Pooh who had been thrown out and was sat looking very sad on the kerbside next to his former owners recycling and getting wet and dirty in the heavy rain…hes now fully restored and clean, living a very happy life with my other Teddies…and I don’t care what anyone else thinks…thank you for a wonderful review.

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  2. I too adore Teddies and find them very comforting indeed. They all have their own personalities and unique characters. My Teddy family all live in lovely ‘quarters’ accessed through a series of special portals. They pop in to the hooman world in my house now and again to check in on me! Love them all. X

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