A Drop of the Sea

The book I’m sharing today is not yet published. I’ve been reading advance copies of books because later this summer I’ll be presenting two classes on What’s New in Children’s Literature (primary & intermediate).

A Drop of the Sea by Ingrid Chabbert is about Ali, who lives in a desert with his great grandmother.

Ali knows that they have a good life and he is happy, but he wonders about his great grandmother, and if she has any regrets.

She is also happy but wishes she had taken the opportunity to visit the sea. So Ali decided to go for her. He will go and bring the sea to her. Ali’s trip is long and somewhat scary, but he gathers the sea in a bucket for her.

He carries the sea all the way home, but the trip and the heat of the desert take most of the water before he reaches home. All he has left when he gets home is a drop of the sea.

Great-Grandmother is content with this beautiful thing Ali has done for her. He has fulfilled all of her wishes.

I was really touched by this story. I think most of us have a wish or two that we let pass us by in life. The idea that such a simple act can be so profound speaks to our capacity for kindness and love.

You’ve probably heard a lot about kindness lately. I have. This sweet story helps us to remember that there are many wonderful qualities within all of us. If we remember that, it will be easier to spread the good in our hearts.


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