Time Travel Guides

Though I don’t think I have Norse in my ancestry, my daughters do.  I married into a family that it primarily Norwegian and Danish.  We live in a part of the country that was settled by a lot of Scandinavian immigrants, and so I find Vikings very interesting.  Today I want to share a new book by Linda Bailey in her Time Travel Guides series: Stowing Away With the Vikings.

9781771389877_fda41 The Time Travel Guides isn’t a new series.  I looked online and some of them were published back in the early 2000s, but it looks like she’s writing new books and re-releasing some of the older titles.

These books are great! They are written in Graphic Novel format, with a fictional storyline about the three Binkerton children.  The children manage to get sucked into a Time Travel Guide in the travel agency run by Julien T. Pettigrew.  The kids travel through time and experience life in that particular time period– in this case, the Viking Age.  The Guide’s pages appear at the bottom of each page in the graphic novel giving nonfiction information in a fun and interesting format.  The kids are able to return home only by reading the entire guide.  After the Binkertons’ story is finished, the book finishes out with even more nonfiction information.  All of the writing is done in a way that kids will love.  I think that students who want to read graphic novels could easily be taught to love nonfiction with this combo style.  I’d compare them to the You Wouldn’t Want To Be series.

There are more titles in the series:


Hot On the Trail in Ancient Egypt is listed as new on my purchasing site, and some of the older titles are still available.  I’m hoping they all re-release or that I can find them on Thriftbooks.com.

Bailey has quite a few titles in picture books, like the Stanley series, and middle grade chapters as well.  I’m excited about another upcoming title she has:


I’m sure you all remember that Frankenstein  is one of my all-time favorite books.  I can’t wait to read this!  I wasn’t able to get a review copy so I’ll have to wait until August like everyone else.


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