Soap! Soap! Don’t forget the soap!

Stories from the Appalachians are so terribly fun to read out loud. I think I learned enough of the accent to do a decent job but it’s not so thick the kids get confused. Today I read an old story from the Appalachians to second grade:

Plug is so forgetful that he sometimes forgets his own name. One bath day his Mama sends himto  buy some soap. Now, if he can just keep repeating “Soap! Soap! Don’t forget the soap!” all the way to town, he’ll have no trouble remembering….but darned if he didn’t see a big old bullfrog and get all distracted.

Plug’s awful memory causes him to repeat the words of others, and that causes him to offend a whole lot of others. He’s one unlucky kid! Finally, his luck turns and a lady tells him that he needs his mouth washed out with soap. Soap! Soap! Don’t forget the soap! 

Andrew Glass’s illustrations are fun, and they really match the hill-folk feel to this story. Glass and Birdseye also collaborated on a picture book retelling of the song She’ll Be Coming ’round the Mountain.

It has that same great feel:

Birdseye is an accomplished author, I’ve even read his middle grade book, Attack of the Mutant Undrwear.